What About Me

The short answer is that I study archaeology at postgraduate level, specializing in representation, site drawing and illustration. Armed with a BSc degree in ‘Design Futures’ from Uni of Wmin achieved many moons ago, I have become particularly interested in filling in the gaps left open from past destruction – my last project was to illustrate a reconstruction of Kirkstead Abbey in Lincolnshire using just the visible remains and some academic suggestion from senior specialist archaeologists and the odd professor.


This illustration was for the forthcoming visitor interpretation board. Design Futures was all about seeking alternative methods for the invention of stuff – looking for new angles and creating / inciting ‘events’ in order to facilitate the ideas process. There were quite a lot of diagrams involved.

This blog explores such diagrams and contains personal opinion on professional publishing issues in archaeology and includes copyrighted material excepted using the ‘fair use’ side of copyright law, arguing that the rationale for their inclusion is that ‘research and study is necessary to create new works and inspire innovation’.

Enjoy the rant!